Donate to Federal Union

Federal Union depends on financial contributions from its members and supporters in order to be able to organise events, run campaigns, and maintain this website. If you like what we do, please help us by making a small donation.

There are three ways to donate:

(1) To donate online using a credit card or PayPal, click here:

(2) To donate by bank transfer, ask for the bank details by e-mailing [email protected]

(3) To donate by post, print out this form and send it to: Federal Union, 61 Leopold Road, London N2 8BG

Name (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms) ______________________________

Address ________________________________________



Postcode _______________________________________

E-mail _________________________________________

Signature ______________________________________

Date __________________________________________

I enclose a cheque payable to “Federal Union” for:

[  ] £50   [  ] £25   [  ] £10   [  ] other amount £______

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