Archives of federalism

Federalism has a long and proud tradition, both intellectual and political. This archives section is a store of the most interesting and important documents in the history of federalism, particularly as argued for in the UK.

Perhaps the most important document in this archive is Pacifism is not enough, written by Lord Lothian in 1935 as the League of Nations was proving itself unable to restrain dictatorship and preserve peace.

The contents of the archive is listed here: archives contents

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Archives at the LSE

The physical archives have now been catalogued and are available for consultation at the British Library of Political and Economic Science. The archives offer a fascinating insight into the formation, management and work of the Federal Union and Federal Trust.

The collection includes correspondence, minutes, research papers and reports, printed material such as newspapers, publications and leaflets and dates from 1931 to 2004. To find out more and access the catalogue please click here or e-mail [email protected]

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