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  • Court politics

    An interesting discussion this evening on the subject of sovereignty, a familiar theme to readers of this blog. The speaker was exploring the idea that sovereignty is slipping away from […]

  • The EU should tax airline fuel

    By Richard Laming Published in EUobserver, 16 February 2005 The debate about taxing airline fuel has sprung back into life, thanks to the German government. The money could be used for […]

  • The British problem with Europe

    By Brendan Donnelly I take as my starting-point the personal position of Mr Blair. I believe that he is sincere in his desire to make the British people feel more […]

  • The future of English regional government

    By Richard Laming “I would be interested to know what the Federal Union’s response is post-NE Assembly defeat (which as you know was rejected by nearly 80%), and how it […]

  • More on national sovereignty

    My comments on national sovereignty in an earlier blog entry seem to have provoked some reactions. Let me try and explain. Think of the Sellafield nuclear reactor on the Cumbrian […]

  • Federal Europe or splendid isolation?

    3 February 2005 I spoke in a debate yesterday on the subject of “Britain’s destiny: federal Europe or splendid isolation?”. You can guess which side I was on. I don’t […]

  • Water as a source of peace in the Middle East

    By Antonio López Torrero The conflict in the Middle East has proven intractable over the last 50 years. However, it is not the first time that an area of the […]

  • Delay at the station

      30 January 2005   I spent two hours waiting at Waterloo station on Friday evening, delayed by the discovery of a bomb at the Channel Tunnel. It was not […]

  • Brussels or Davos?

    Interesting discussion with my local European Movement branch this evening on the role of the European Parliament. Our basic concern was that the full extent of the role of the […]

  • A sweet tooth is not a crime

    By Richard Laming Published in EUobserver, 25 January 2005 The full weight of European law is about to fall on the heads of the new member states that joined last year. […]

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