A blanket of whiteness

Snowfall (picture Freefoto.com)

As a blanket of whiteness spreads across the country, so too do strikes and protests against the employment of foreign workers. The anti-European free market right is enjoying the discomfort brought to the government, but is that really correct in view of what is going on.

First of all, there are wildcat, unofficial strikes and protests by workers and trade unions. One would expect the AEFMR to disapprove of that.

Next, the demand by the protesters is that companies ought to be subject to greater restrictions on whom they can employ and how much they can pay them. The AEFMR generally objects to that demand, too.

But the reason why those companies cannot be made subject to greater restrictions is because of the European single market. That is why the AEFMR is happy. People are protesting against Europe.

So, given the choice between defending the free market and opposing the European Union, the AEFMR prefers to criticise Europe. Now we know.

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