After the failure of the IGC, UEF calls on states in favour of the draft constitution to go ahead with its signature and adoption

Brussels, 15 December 2003

The Union of European Federalists noted with great concern the failure of the European Summit meeting in Brussels on 12 and 13 December 2003, to agree on the draft Constitutional Treaty adopted by the European Convention, a legitimate body representing not only the governments but also the parliaments of Europe.

This clearly demonstrated once more if necessary the failure of the intergovernmental method for EU reform. Due to the national veto the relaunch of intergovernmental negotiations in 2004 will not bring any sufficient decisions but only a Nice II. Any further attempt of a few member states to water down or veto the Convention’s draft Constitutional Treaty – clearly motivated by short-sighted “national” interests – must be rejected.

The UEF therefore calls on all member states willing to take the lead in ensuring that a European Constitution based on the text adopted by the European Convention is signed before the European elections by as many (current and future) member states as possible, do so without delay.

The UEF calls those states willing to sign the draft Constitution to agree also:

– on a ratification clause based on the majority principle providing that the European Constitution should enter into force as soon as two thirds of the signatory member states have ratified it following their internal procedures;

– on a revision clause including an agenda and a mandate to a new Convention – to be convened no later than 2008 – in order to complete its constituent work and approve further improvements of the Constitution.

If there is no solution on the Constitution before the EP elections the constitutional idea will be threatened, risking the disintegration of the Union.

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