Campaign for a European constitution

The draft European constitution has been proposed as the new rulebook for the European Union. If adopted, it will replace the existing European treaties and consolidate them into a single document. It was drafted by the European constitutional convention, set up by the Laeken summit in December 2001 and chaired by Valéry Giscard D’Estaing.

Aim of the campaign

The aim of the campaign is to show that the draft European constitution will make the European Union more democratic and more effective. It is a step in the direction of a federal Europe and the United Kingdom should ratify it.

This briefing outlines the origins and content of the draft European constitution, and why it will improve the European Union. The text in italics is intended to help you with public statements, for example letters to the newspapers.

You can find information about the draft constitution by following the links below, elsewhere on this website or by contacting Federal Union directly ([email protected] or 07785 784467).

What is the draft European constitution?

What changes will the draft constitution make?

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