Can the eurozone be saved? (15 November 2010)

Euro notes

Monday 15 November 2010, 5.00 – 6.45 pm followed by a drinks reception

Mary Sumner House, 24 Tufton Street, London SW1P 3RB (click here for a map)

The eurozone is facing the largest crisis in its history.  Public debt is ballooning, economic growth is weak or non-existent, and mistrust between the member states appears to be on the rise.  Can the European Union overcome the economic and political threats and restore faith and confidence in its currency union?

At the last European summit, the European Council endorsed the report of the Task Force on economic governance, claiming that “Its implementation will constitute a major step forward in strengthening the economic pillar of EMU: it will increase fiscal discipline, broaden economic surveillance and deepen coordination.”

But will it work?

We present expert commentary and analysis from: 

  • Dr Eckhard Lübkemeier, Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany has a PhD in Political Science and has also been a research fellow at Harvard as well as the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, Bonn
  • John Stevens, former member of the European Parliament, who is an enthusiastic advocate for British membership of the euro
  • Brendan Donnelly, Director of the Federal Trust, is also a former member of the European Parliament, and has worked at the Foreign Office and the European Commission

Federal Union will be running an evening conference on these reforms on 15 November from 5.00 – 6.45 pm. There will be a reception afterwards.

Attendance at this important conference is free of charge, but please reserve your place by Thursday 11 November.  To book, please reply to Alison Sutherland at

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