Delay at the station


Eurostar train (source Leon Brocard)

30 January 2005


I spent two hours waiting at Waterloo station on Friday evening, delayed by the discovery of a bomb at the Channel Tunnel. It was not terrorism, they said, but a bomb left over from the first world war. 

So many of the problems we are dealing with in Europe today are leftovers from the world wars. Auschwitz is a symbol of the worst of them. We can’t wish our history away and must never forget it. The duty we have is to make sure that it is never repeated. “Never again” has to mean what it says. 

Opponents of the supranational institutions in Europe ought to reflect on this. The creation of these institutions has enabled different European countries to resolve their disputes without resort to violence. Compare the last fifty years in Europe with the previous fifty years to see the difference that it has made. 

You have to go back to the 1930s to find a time when Europe was without supranationalism. Why on earth would anyone want to return to those days? Border disputes, economic protectionism, ethnic hatreds: these are progressively being consigned to history which is where they belong. 

Back to the train. Two hours sitting on the floor waiting for the signal to depart was uncomfortable and I would be happy not to repeat the experience. The delay was frustrating but we got there in the end. As with the Eurostar, so – I hope – with Europe. 

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