I love Dan Hannan

Daniel Hannan MEP

Daniel Hannan, Conservative MEP for the south east of England, has featured in this blog from time to time. He is quoted beautifully in yesterday’s Financial Times, in a piece by Jean Eaglesham and George Parker on the Conservative party’s problems with Europe. Specifically, the EU appears to be going in a more liberal direction (remember all those French socialist criticisms of the constitutional treaty), in which case why should the Conservatives oppose it?

Daniel Hannan confessed this:

“People almost always fit the facts to their existing prejudices, rather than the other way round.” He is starting to explain a lot.

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David Rennie in the Daily Telegraph blog section reported a perfect example of the kind. A story went round that the EU was going to require the renaming of Bombay mix, because the city in India is now called Mumbai. He investigated: read his findings here.

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