It depends on the masses

H G Wells (source
H G Wells (source
letter to the editor of the Picture Post, 25 May 1940 by Naomi Allen

In order successfully to achieve anything so revolutionary as H G Wells’ world union, it is essential that such a move be approved by the masses. Unfortunately, even at our present state of civilization, the large majority of people in every country are swayed almost entirely by their emotions. Intense nationalism appeals to those emotions; union only to their reason. The number of thinking people who realize that we can never hope for a permanent peace until we not only unite but also place all instruments of war in the hands of one representative controlling body, are increasing every day. But until a peace aim on these lines is demanded by the masses, they will continue to be voices crying in the wilderness.

N. Allen, Periwinke, Long Acre Lane, Selsey, Sussex
25 May 1940

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