Margot Wallström on The consequences of the lack of a European Constitution

Margot Wallström

That’s why we remain committed to the principles and values of the Constitution. Your committee is well aware that the issues addressed by the Constitution have not gone away. The problems remain. And no-one can live in a situation of endless uncertainty. We do need a solution: – First, to close the gap between Europe and its citizens. Injecting greater accountability and transparency into Europe’s institutions will help achieve this. – Second, to improve the efficiency of our decision-making. We need the capacity to act to deliver the policies which will meet citizens’ expectations. This will also enable enlargement to continue. I know you share this view, which is at the heart of Alexander Stubb’s report that your committee approved last week. – Third, to ensure the coherence of our external action in order to play the role Europeans and third countries expect from us in a globalized world.

Speech here: Wallström speech 221106

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