Oxford plea for Federal Union

View of the Radcliffe Camera from the top of the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford

from the Daily Mail, 4 January 1944

Federal Union’s answer to the problems of freedom and international peace was given at a meeting of an Oxford Federal Union discussion group in St. Michael’s Art Workshop last night by Mrs Naomi Allen, Thames Valley regional organizer.

Mrs Allen, who has travelled in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Jugo-Slavia, Greece, France and Egypt, is serving as a ferry pilot.
She said that we had fought for freedom 25 years ago, and as a reward we were plunged into a world war on an even greater scale, because after the last war each nation acknowledged no law other than its own.

International law was the peace aim of Federal Unionists because without it there could never be an enduring peace. It was not a League that they wanted this time, but an international Federal Government, wherein a majority vote would enable laws to be passed and carried into effect.

National governments could never succeed in coping with the problems of social reform as long as they were preoccupied with the task of maintaining peace. Thus the individual suffered.

The foundations of federation, already created in the united forces of the Allies and in organizations such as UNRRA should be used.

The chairman was Mr William T Rayson.

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