Petition on federal union

We the undersigned citizens and associations of the European Union petition the European Parliament as follows:

Alarmed at the continuing financial instability and economic difficulties across Europe,

Noting that the new intergovernmental treaty will contribute to the strengthening of fiscal discipline but does not address the problem of sovereign debt,

Call on the European Parliament to use its powers under Article 48(2) of the Treaty on European Union to initiate the formation of a fiscal union in which national debt is issued in the form of Eurobonds backed by mutual guarantee of the eurozone states;

Insist that such fiscal solidarity needs a common budgetary policy run by a federal economic government which is democratically accountable to the European Parliament and subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice;

Strongly support the use of enhanced cooperation to complete the single market and to undertake structural reforms aimed at raising competitiveness and employment;

Urge the Parliament to draw up a comprehensive agenda for a new constitutional Convention charged with making the changes needed to create the fiscal union, reform the EU’s financial system and restore market and democratic confidence in the future of the European Union.

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