Proposals for the constitutional convention

Meeting of the Convention on the future of Europe

General points

1. The constitution should be clear and in writing, adopted after public debate.

2. The ECJ should be the supreme court of the Union.

3. The constitution should guarantee fundamental human rights.

4. There should be a listing of the competences of the Union, respecting subsidiarity. It should be reviewed every ten years by the European Parliament.

Legislation and the budget

5. All legislation should require the assent of both the European Parliament and the Council.

6. The whole budget – both income and expenditure – should require the assent of both the European Parliament and the Council. (The constitution might set an upper limit on the size of the budget.)

Council of Ministers

7. Each Council should be chaired by an individual elected to serve for a period of perhaps 2½ years. The presidency of the European Council might still rotate among the member states.

8. On all legislative matters, the Council should meet in public and vote by majority with the procedures of a normal legislature. On all other matters, it should vote by majority.

9. Constructive abstention should be permitted on defence matters until otherwise decided by constitutional amendment.

European Commission

10. The president of the Commission should be elected by the European Parliament immediately after the European elections, from amongst candidates nominated by the parties before the election.

11. The Commission should have executive competences over all activities of the EU.

Adoption of and amendments to the constitution

12. The adoption of and amendments to the constitution must be approved by a qualified majority of member states and a majority of the European Parliament.

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