Proud to be British

William Hague

A story in the Sunday Telegraph today about possible changes to British passports: read it here:

The gist of the proposal is that new EU passports should include a standard EU wording.

The Telegraph reports that the proposed wording was from the constitutional treaty that was “discredited two years ago” after the referendum defeats. It’s also part of the mandate for the Reform Treaty, agreed by all 27 member states at the summit in June. Suddenly, in the eyes of the Telegraph, the government is no longer entitled to govern.

William Hague says that “People want to be proud to be British and their passports should have a clear association with that.” Maybe, but twice a year, at most. Are the words about being subjects of the Queen better than being citizens of the EU. Is it better to be told about the rights they don’t have rather than the rights they do?

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By the way, the effect of the proposal is that British citizens in need of help will be able to receive it from officials of other EU member states if there are no British officials on hand. What’s the problem with that? The Telegraph appears more concerned about what the passport looks like than how it can benefit citizens.

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