The European future of Slovakia

2nd meeting of the National Convention on the European Future of Slovakia, Bratislava, October 1, 2001

At the second meeting the members of the National Convention on the European Future of Slovakia have agreed upon the following:

1. Our common considerations shall lead to such a solution for the EU architecture, the Union can function more effectively with. We take the view that the Union should reach a consensus in what it wants to do in the future jointly and what on the level of the Member States. The future division of competencies should be based on a clear definition of areas belonging to authority of the European institutions.

2. We support the working-out of the European Constitutional Agreement that would become the cornerstone of the future European political and legal architecture. This fundamental document will provide the citizens with a brief and clear instrument of power control in Europe, the Member States with a guarantee of their national identity and the Union with a means for effective enforcement of Europe` s interests.

3. We consider the Charter of Fundamental Rights, solemnly approved at the Nice Summit, a crucial part of the future European Constitutional Agreement. It should express Europe’s devotion to the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms and at the same time provide the citizens with guarantees of their rights also on the European level.

4. We are for the strengthening of the community principle in the work of the European institutions. Both the European Parliament and Council should be involved equally in adoption of community legislation.

The reform of the European Union will culminate during the Intergovernmental Conference in 2004. This is also the date when the best prepared Candidate Countries could access to the Union and participate in the European Parliament elections. Therefore we call upon the European Union to invite the Candidate Countries as equal partners to the discussion on the future of the European Union.

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