The European governance and the future of the European Union

Richard Laming, representing the UEF at the European Social Forum, 2004

Richard Laming spoke at the Ventotene seminar in September 2004 about European governance and the nature and the future of the European Union.

“I think it is important to be clear that the system of governance of Europe is not that of a state in the traditional sense. It lacks what Weber described as the monopoly on the legitimate use of force. Charles Murray uses the phrase “police power”, which I think I prefer. Whatever we call it, the EU does not have it. The EU lacks the fundamental ability to impose its decisions.

But we can go further and say that, in the traditional sense, the EU does not have the system of governance of a non-state, either. It holds elections, and makes laws, and levies taxes. These are among the features of a state. It is even putting uniforms on soldiers and police officers and border guards.”

To read Richard Laming’s speech, please click here: European governance.

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