Andrew Duff elected as new president of the European Federalists

Andrew Duff MEP, president of the UEF
13 October 2008

During its XXII Congress, held 10-12 October in Paris, Andrew Duff MEP (Lib Dem, East of England) was elected as president of the Union of European Federalists.

When presenting his candidacy, Mr Duff outlined the Federalists’ response to the current events:

“Above all, the European federalists are truly engaged to combat the rise of nationalism. At a time when Europe is facing security challenges at home and abroad, when the financial system’s stability is at risk, and when the consequences of climate change are becoming real, the need for European unity is greater than ever.”

“‘Sauve qui peut’ policies will be ruinous. Only a united response as advocated by federalists’ makes sense. The UEF is well placed to articulate solutions and to campaign for their urgent adoption and effective implementation.”

Mr Duff also emphasized the key priority for the federalists:

“We need the Treaty of Lisbon ratified. If, in the course of 2009, the EU proves itself unable to settle its constitutional problems it will be sending a message of helplessness to the outside world. Europe’s citizens need and deserve a coherent system of governance that can meet aspirations and address anxieties.”

“Our goal is a federal union of states and citizens with the capacity to act effectively and democratically abroad and at home. Europe is entering into its post-national age and we should shape its institutions accordingly,” concluded Andrew Duff.

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