Better deals for the EU and Africa, today and tomorrow

Gordon Brown signs the Lisbon treaty (source The Council of the European Union)

Published in The Guardian, 13 December 2007

We welcome signing, expected today, of the reform treaty by the UK government and other EU member states. The treaty will equip the EU with the tools it needs to adapt its institutions to its enlarged membership and to face its future policy challenges. Its reforms will lead to more efficient, effective and democratic decision-making. The permanent presidency for the European council will bring more consistency and coherence to the EU’s agenda. The changes to the council’s voting procedure, switching to a double majority of member states and population, will be fairer and simpler, also increasing the UK’s voting weight by 45%. A single high representative for foreign affairs will help the EU be more forceful and effective in dealing with international external challenges such as energy supply, regional conflict and climate change negotiations.

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