Democracy Without Borders – What Might This Look Like? (24 October 2013)

Global democracy now!
Global democracy now!

We have many global problems – from the wrecking of our life-supporting ecosystems to the failure to protect human rights, a lack of regulation of global markets and financial systems, and increasing socio-economic inequalities. But who is accountable for dealing with these problems from a truly global perspective?

Why is it that in an ever integrated world, democracy stops at our national (or occasionally regional) borders? How can we deal with global issues if our politicians talk exclusively in terms of… “national interests”? And if we were to see some sort of democracy at a global level, what might it look like?

Join us for an interactive workshop in which we’ll discuss all these questions, and begin to explore what alternatives could be.

Alongside the talking, there will also be arts and crafts placard making and free pizza courtesy of Federal Union.

Speakers include James Sadri (Egality); Richard Laming (Federal Union) & Becky Luff (London 4 Democracy or World Federalist Movement). More speakers tba.

This workshop takes place as part of the Global Week of Action for a World Parliament –  and the Transeuropa Festival 2013 – .

Tickets are free – register online here:

18:30 until 20:30, at The Dogstar, 389 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW9 8LQ


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