Eurelectric: a European energy policy

Electricity pylons, bringing power from Carlisle to Workington (picture Phil Gravell /

From “Key Messages on: “Energy 2020 ‐ A strategy for competitive, sustainable and secure energy” COM (2010)639 Final”, published by Eurelectric, January 2011:

“Priority should be given to implementing and enforcing existing internal electricity and gas market legislation without delay to ensure proper functioning of electricity markets.”

“Integration of electricity markets should be placed at the heart of national and EU policies and seen as a major tool of efficient introduction of renewables into the market.”

“We need a European vision of the development of renewables, including provision for flexible back-up generation.”

“In terms of the EU speaking with one voice in external energy relations, the Commission should be encouraged to implement a real integration of the EU energy markets. By uniting Member States by common interest, market integration will greatly strengthen the position of the external European energy policy.”

Read the whole document at:

Reported in the Financial Times, 27 January 2011

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