Every country is different

Glass of beer (picture Mohylek)
I write this in Munich – I am here for the Federal Committee of the UEF. The UEF FC brings together people from many different countries, all federalist and pro-European campaigners in their own right, bringing together different perspectives on the campaign.

A common problem is that someone assumes that the way that he (and it is always a he) is used to doing something is the only correct way to do it. Anyone thinking of organising our campaign, or organising Europe, in a different way is doing it wrong.

But every country is different. Assumptions in France are not the same as the assumptions in Italy, for example. That’s what makes the case for a united Europe difficult: it is also what makes it important. The differences in national approach are true of Europe; they are true of even more important questions, too.

At dinner, Friedhelm had finished his beer. He held up his empty glass to the waiter and asked for another, but a small glass this time. The waiter replied: “That is a small glass, this is Bavaria.”

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