Inside the sausage factory

By Richard Laming

Published in EUobserver, 13 May 2003

Laws are like sausages, said Bismarck. You don’t want to watch them being made. But following the progress of the European constitutional convention has really been rather instructive.

The conduct of the preparatory work for the forthcoming Inter-Governmental Conference (for that is what the convention is) has been so much more interesting than from its predecessors, such as the Dooge Committee before the Single European Act or the Westendorp Group in the run-up to Amsterdam. Some of the most profound issues of modern politics have found an airing here, even if only briefly so far.

I have heard complaints about the Convention that nothing has really happened yet. The crucial and fundamental changes that need to be made have not yet been made. We are still waiting for some important decisions and compromises.

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