Louis Susman: “all key issues must run through Europe”

Louis Susman, US ambassador to the UK (picture US State Department)

Remarks by Louis Susman, America’s ambassador to the UK, at the European Parliament, 25 January 2011:

“I want to stress that the UK needs to remain in the EU.

“The US does not want to see Britain’s role in the EU diminished in any way.

“The message I want to convey today is that we want to see a stronger EU, but also a stronger British participation within the EU.

Susman, who took up his current post a year ago, added, “This is crucial if, together, we are going to meet all the global challenges facing us, including climate change and security.

“But let’s be clear: all key issues must run through Europe.”

Susman, who was addressing a group of British MEPs at a private event in parliament, also praised the so-called “special relationship” between the US and Britain, saying it was “stronger than ever.”

Reported in http://www.theparliament.com/latest-news/article/newsarticle/uk-urged-to-rule-out-any-chance-of-leaving-eu/

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