Stelzer displays a profound misunderstanding of the EU

Richard Laming

By Richard Laming

Published in the Financial Times, 23 August 2007

Sir, Irwin Stelzer’s misrepresentation of the new European Union reform treaty should not go unanswered. The EU would represent the European position on the UN Security Council if, and only if, there were an agreed European position to be represented. Such a position would have to be agreed unanimously by the member states, including Britain. Similarly, steps towards European defence are contingent on unanimity. If these things happen, it will be with the agreement of the UK and not without it.

It shows a profound misunderstanding of the EU to characterise decisions taken by the EU as somehow in conflict with the interests of its member states. Those decisions may be in conflict with the neo-con line of thinking, but that is another matter.

Richard Laming, Director, Federal Union, London SE1 7TZ

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