Treaty boost for expanding EU

Gordon Brown signs the Lisbon treaty (source The Council of the European Union)
Published in The Guardian, 21 January 2008

As supporters of the Coalition for the Reform Treaty we encourage MPs of all political parties to support the bill to ratify the EU reform treaty in its second reading in parliament this week (Comment, January 18). Ratification of the treaty will be good for Britain and for Europe. The treaty proposes various changes which have been made necessary by the policy of EU enlargement – a policy which Britain supported and from which it has derived considerable economic benefit.

For instance, a rotating six-month presidency may have worked well in an EU of 15 member states prior to 2004. But in today’s union of 27 member states this modus operandi is impractical. The permanent presidency and other measures contained in the treaty will equip the EU to meet the challenges of an enlarged membership, making it more efficient, democratic and accountable.

The global challenges of the 21st century on climate change, international terrorism, migration and globalisation require efficient policy-making at EU level. The reform treaty will ensure the union is adequately prepared to meet this agenda, so that in future it can deliver on the growing social and political expectations and concerns of its citizens.

Roland Rudd, Business for New Europe,

Mary Creagh MP, Labour Movement for Europe,

Robert Moreland, Conservative Group for Europe,

Jonathan Fryer, Liberal Democrat European Group,

Brendan Donnelly, Federal Union,

Graham Bishop, European League of Economic Cooperation,

Peter Luff, European Movement,

Dr Olaf Cramme, Policy Network,

Henning Meyer, Global Policy institute,

Robert Philpot, Progress

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