Louis Susman: “all key issues must run through Europe”

//Louis Susman: “all key issues must run through Europe”

Louis Susman: “all key issues must run through Europe”

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Louis Susman, US ambassador to the UK (picture US State Department)

Remarks by Louis Susman, America’s ambassador to the UK, at the European Parliament, 25 January 2011:

“I want to stress that the UK needs to remain in the EU.

“The US does not want to see Britain’s role in the EU diminished in any way.

“The message I want to convey today is that we want to see a stronger EU, but also a stronger British participation within the EU.

Susman, who took up his current post a year ago, added, “This is crucial if, together, we are going to meet all the global challenges facing us, including climate change and security.

“But let’s be clear: all key issues must run through Europe.”

Susman, who was addressing a group of British MEPs at a private event in parliament, also praised the so-called “special relationship” between the US and Britain, saying it was “stronger than ever.”

Reported in http://www.theparliament.com/latest-news/article/newsarticle/uk-urged-to-rule-out-any-chance-of-leaving-eu/

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