London 2012: who will get the Olympic tickets?

Usain Bolt, gold medal winner (picture Erik van Leeuwen

By Richard Laming

Published in EUobserver, 8 June 2011

Olympic fever is spreading in the United Kingdom and, as with all fevers, it is raising temperatures and causing a headache. The games themselves will be held in London in July and August 2012, but the nation is currently agonising over who has been successful in their application for tickets, and arguing over how the tickets should have allocated.

The most sought-after events – the opening ceremony, and the men’s 100 metres final – have attracted millions of bids for tickets, while the stadium itself will hold no more than 80,000 people (and many of them will get tickets via the sponsors, the organisers, or the press). How to decide who gets to watch Usain Bolt, bolt?

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