Ségolène Royal’s 7 points on the EU

Ségolène Royal

Seven points

  • A Europe of peace
    • Restart aid to the Palestinian Authority
    • international peace conference on the Middle East
    • improve judicial cooperation on terrorism and creation of a European prosecutors’ office
  • Renewable energies
    • Putting in place fiscal incentives for renewables and energy savings
  • Research and innovation
    • Take out investments on innovation and research from the stability and growth pact and raise expenses in R&D
  • Environment and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
    • Redirect the CAP;
    • move CAP management to regional level
  • Clean transportation
    • Putting in place a specific financing mechanism for trans-European transportation networks
  • Workers’ protection
    • On delocalisation: withdrawing EU aid to companies that move from one European country to another; at national level, forcing companies to reimburse public funds when moving outside the EU; promote social and environmental criteria at WTO level;
    • putting in place minimum social criteria at European level together with a timetable for their adoption
  • Youth policy
    • Provide the opportunity to study in another European country for all young people (student, apprentice)

From http://www.euractiv.com/en/elections/segolene-reveals-eu-vision/article-158740

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