Solving the financial crisis – who pays?

Graham Bishop

Federal Union and the Wyndham Place Charlemagne Trust held a discussion on 10 November 2011 about the current financial crisis in the light of the ethics and vision of the European idea.  The speakers were:

GRAHAM BISHOP, a widely respected economic and financial commentator on business and investment opportunities arising from the EU Single Market and Economic and Monetary Union.  He is currently a member of the European Commission’s consultative group on the impact of the Euro on the capital markets and a special advisor to the House of Lords Select Committee on the EU.  He has recently published “The EU Fiscal Crisis: Forcing Eurozone Political Union in 2011?”

MALCOLM BROWN, Director of Mission and Public Affairs in the Church of England, a specialist in Christian Ethics, and author of a recent paper for the Synod on the debt and credit crisis.  Malcolm has been a parish priest in inner city and village parishes and was, through the 1990s, Director of the William Temple Foundation in Manchester, a “think tank” concerned with the roles of theology and churches in urban, industrial and economic life. He was subsequently Principal of the Eastern Region Ministry Course in Cambridge and now heads a team of specialist staff responsible for the Church of England’s engagement with national life and relationships with Parliament and public policy.

Read a report on the seminar here 111110 Report Eurocrisis meeting

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