2016 US presidential election Archive

  • How much harm can one man do?

    Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton wasn’t the result most of us wanted or expected, but it’s what we’ve got. The question now is what next? Trump’s promises on the campaign trail were variously bombastic and implausible. He couldn’t keep them all, even if they were […]

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  • Clinton vs Trump

    During previous American presidential elections, this website has published analyses and reports of the candidates and their policy proposals. It may be a domestic election but it has implications for the whole world. Such analysis this time seems rather unnecessary. There can’t be many readers […]

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  • It matters who governs

    Politics is not only about policies but also about personalities.  The very best ideas are no good if they are implemented incompetently.  Good leaders are able to recruit the right people to follow them.  And who knows how anyone will react in a crisis? Voter […]

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