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  • Clinton vs Trump

    During previous American presidential elections, this website has published analyses and reports of the candidates and their policy proposals. It may be a domestic election but it has implications for the whole world. Such analysis this time seems rather unnecessary. There can’t be many readers […]

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  • Glad to be out of sync

    The comments posted on Twitter by death penalty campaigner Paul Staines are revealing.  He said that: “restoring the death penalty has profoundly eurosceptic implications.” And furthermore that: “US, India, China and Japan all have the death penalty on statute books. We’re out of sync with […]

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  • The EU and the death penalty

    At the time when the Lisbon treaty was undergoing ratification, there was a rather odd eurosceptic complaint in Germany that the Lisbon treaty, by giving legal force to the Charter of Fundamental Rights, was not abolishing the death penalty but in fact bringing it back.  […]

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  • Self-control


    Given that the death penalty had already effectively been abolished in the UK decades previously (in 1969 in Great Britain and in 1973 in Northern Ireland), it was uncontroversial in politics to sign the two protocols of the European Convention of Human Rights that prohibit […]

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  • Why bring back the death penalty

    Why bring back the death penalty

    The coalition government’s latest experiment in direct democracy is a website where people can post epetitions.  If a petition gets at least 100,000 signatures, it will be eligible for debate in the House of Commons.  The epetitions website is here One of the first […]

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