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  • John Pinder (1924 – 2015)

    John Pinder OBE was that rare thing: an intellectual leader in politics. A résumé of his career speaks for itself: after maths and economics at Cambridge – at King’s College, that of Alan Turing and Maynard Keynes – he joined up to the Royal Artillery […]

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  • The Daily Telegraph should make its mind up

    There is a marvellous article by Allister Heath in the Daily Telegraph today, outlining an alternative to Scottish independence.  For Scotland to vote to leave the United Kingdom would cause a great deal of uncertainty for business and be very bad for the economy and […]

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  • Taking into account human nature

    A discussion last night lamenting what had happened to the euro with professional colleagues from some other European countries (these are people with no particular connection with the pro-European case). “A nice vision,” they said, “but it hasn’t been done well.  These problems should have […]

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  • How the world turns

    It is not only the world of politics that is turned upside down by the European banking crisis and the ineffectual way in which political leaders are dealing with it.  Historical and cultural commentators, too, are in turmoil. Niall Ferguson, poster boy of Atlanticism, is […]

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  • Federal Europe

    By Richard Laming Published in The Independent, 20 April 2004 Sir, The principle of subsidiarity enshrined in the proposed European constitution – that the European Union should act only where it can do so better than the member states alone – is not a bulwark against federalism but an expression of it […]

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  • Towards a federal Europe

    Towards a federal Europe

    By Richard Laming Federalism is widely misunderstood as a concept and so needs to be explained. It issometimes complicated and it also has opponents who seem to have an interest in muddyingthe waters. It is therefore important to be clear on what it means if an […]

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  • Only a federal European Union can respond effectively to the existential challenges that confront the world

    By John Pinder When Federal Union was launched in London in 1938 it had extraordinary success, with membership rising rapidly to ten thousand and support from leading politicians, academics and newspapers. The background to this was, for many British people, the perception of an existential […]

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  • The case for a federal Europe

    The case for a federal Europe

    By John Pinder Clarity is needed about a concept that has been so much abused in British politics. A federal polity is simply one with democratic government at two or more levels, where states give powers to a federal government to deal with their common […]

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  • UK involvement in Europe

    By Richard Laming Published in The Times, 19 May 2003 Sir, Mr Andrew Dow questions (letter, May 16) whether a federal Europe might work in a continent with many different peoples, nationalities, etc. These are precisely the circumstances for which a federal Europe is designed. Opponents sometimes […]

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  • Questions about a federal Europe

    Questions about a federal Europe

    Each answer on this page is the personal opinion of the author named and not necessarily of Federal Union. 1. Would you please be able to tell me any statistics concerning the number of people or the percentage of people in the UK who are […]

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